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A Heart Needs A Home - Richard & Linda Thompson

Heavy tunes for heavy times.

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Everything in its Place

If I could marry a vintage infographic, I would be down on one knee in front of John Philipps Emslie’s 19th century creations. Simply brilliant.

Especially that volcano.

Found at Lost Type.


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Rachel Carson, Nun of Nature. Summertime means camping in the woods and swimming in the sea. The next time you’re out enjoying the earth, think of Saint Rachel.

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Out on the Side - Dillard & Clark

Music that makes you want to point to a map with your eyes closed, jump in a car, and start anew.

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Walking On Broken Glass - Annie Lennox

You know that feeling when everything’s gone to shit and you’re waiting for a hoagie that you don’t even want and the Wawa gods start to play some cheesy early 90s jam that changes everything? Yeah.